The Coconut Crab pg: 98 In "The New Dinosaur: An Alternative Evolution" Dixon again uses his vivid imagination and scientific background along with lavish illustrations to bring his unique brand of paleontology to life. He starts out by presenting the many great extinction speculations, gives us a brief history on what a dinosaur actually is and then takes us on a jaunt through his new tree of life, paleontology and zoogeography. The Dingum pg: 93

On page 98 (left) Dixon introduces us to the "Coconut Crab" who gets its name from eating, what else coconuts. He explains to us that the Coconut Crab can spend much of its time outside of the water where it climbs coconut palms to gather its food.

On page 93 he gives us the "Dingum" a more traditional type of futuristic dinosaur. Measuring only 3 ft long he describes the Dingum as being descended from the coelurosaurs, a small meat-eater of the Mesozoic era.

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