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S. R. Waldon
Paint Shop Pro Assignments

These pages are graphic intensive.
Some images will take time to load.

  ROP: Web Page Design
   Instructor: Robin Wood

Week 1: Desktop       (Page 1)
A few examples of how some of the tools on the Toolbar work.

Week 2: Tool Palette       (Page 1)   (Page 2)  
Same for the Tool Palette.

Week 3: HTML Stuff       (Page 1)   (Page 2)  
Instructions on how to set up a Web page and display the graphics we made.

Week 4: Layers       (Page 1)   (Page 2)  
Creating graphics with PSP Layers Palette

Week 5: Filters       (Page 1)
Creating effects with Filters.

Week 6: Tubes and Brushes       (Page 1)
Examples of custom Tubes and Brushes

Week 7: Animation       (Page 1)  
Making Animated GIF's.

Week 8: Photo Editing       (Page 1)   (Page 2)   (Page 3)   (Page 4)  
The title pretty much explains this section.

Week 9: Masks, Alpha Channels and Other Selections        (Page 1)  
This part covers special tools with in PSP that allow you to manipulate items.

PSP Final Project:        (Set 1)   (Set 2)   (Collage)

My Stuff:       (Page 1)   (Page 2)   (Page 3)  
Here is a collection of some of the things I made after learning the techniques above and from browsing Robin's Web site.