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K-4 Web Work Assignment:

The assignment was to connect to the Internet and find two Web pages that incorporated dynamic content
in ways that were different than those we learned in the unit. To print a copy of each page and circle the
area of the page where the content changed dynamically. On another sheet of paper, we were to briefly
describe how the content changed, what triggered the change, and what qualified feature we circled as
dynamic content.

I explained earlier in assignment WH4 why doing it by the 'book' would not be a good idea. So this is
what I decided to do. I went out and found one site that, because of its design, would be enough to
complete the assignment.

The site I chose to study was the Official Jet Li Web Site. Take a look, you'll see why. The site is
fantastic without being garish and over barring. It incorporates many dynamic styles:
  • drop down menu bars
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • fading text
  • moving text over graphics
  • moving text period
  • pictures as watermarks
  • I could go on and on about this place
  • even the music, which I normally dislike on a web site, is pleasant.

Each page has been designed to carry the opening theme throughout the site and does so without
sacrificing its own uniqueness. Mr. Li excellent choice in designers.

The site was designed by:
Design Reactor
Digital and Interactive Design
Emeryville, California, USA

So guys if your reading this marvellous, marvellous job. ;-)  Now I'll shut up and let you go explore the site.