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J-4 Web Work Assignment:

The assignment was to locate cross-browser text-rollover code and explore
the compromises the designer found necessary when creating the code.

I felt that a better and broader explanation was in order in understanding problems involved when dealing with multiple browsers and their individual platforms. Below are sites from WebMonkey.
They offer a clear description of the current issues.

General Info:

Browser Detection
Rich shows you how to grill User Agent string for valuable information about browsers that are visiting your site.
6 Jan 1999

Will Browsers Ever Not Suck?
next wave of browsers promises to bring more messed-up legacy code and broken sites. Jeff offers a solution to this awkward in-between phase we're stuck in.
22 Dec 1999

Internet Explorer:

IE 5.0 — Good, but Not Up to Standards
IE 5.0 is good for users, but it still has Web developers seeing double.
6 Apr 1999>

IE 4 for Mac: Can You Spell "Lame"?
Internet Explorer 4.0 has finally been released for the Mac. Jeff thinks Microsoft is making a mistake to leave Mac lovers behind.
12 Jan 1998

ActiveX Controls in Internet Explorer 4.0
Some of the best Web technology isn't cross-browser or -platform compatible. Shvatz loves IE 4's baked-in ActiveX controls anyway.
29 Dec 1997

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Microsoft
Taylor, who is in no way affiliated with Microsoft, just loves IE 4. He loves its dynamic HTML, its positioning of stylesheets, its object model, its... what? Coming Mr. Gates.
1 Apr 1997

Under the Hood: Internet Explorer 4.0
A step-by-step look at the latest release from Microsoft.
24 Mar 1997

Netscape Navigator:

Is Your Site Ready for Netscape 6?
The new version of Netscape's browser is here, which means producing sites that actually adhere to W3C standards. Are you ready to rumble?
Updated April 6 2000

The Browser of the Future Needs Your Help!
We're all sick to death of browsers that don't comply to specs for cascading stylesheets and the like. Here's your chance to make Netscape 5.0 a standards-compliant dream and to rain death on all this browser-dependent workaround nonsense.
1 Sep 1998

Gecko Lays Out the Future
What's up with Netscape/AOL/Mozilla/Gecko these days? And where's that standards-compliant browser? Paul and Bryan take a look.
13 Apr 1999

Netscape's Open Source Browser Revealed
Paul dives deep into Mozilla, Netscape's new open source browser. The big news so far is XML support and sitemaps made with RDF.
7 May 1998

The Other Browsers:

Hailing iCab
You: Mac user who's tired of bloated, buggy browsers. Me: Petite, sleek, sexy browser with German accent. My meter's running — why not take me for a spin?
9 Jun 1999

Getting Your Site Ready for WebTV
Learn the basics about WebTV and how to get your pages primped and buffed for prime time.
6 Oct 1998

Don't Kill Your TV, Reinvent It
Shvatz reports live from his couch on the latest WebTV features and how they just might change the way we look at both TV and the Internet.
7 October 1998

Putting Opera 3.0 to the Test
Paul emerges from his laboratory after running extensive tests on upstart browser Opera 3.0. Conclusion? Opera can't do everything under the sun, but the joint is fast.
3 Feb 1998

The Story Behind Lynx
A text browser that supports tables and image maps? Cool.
9 Dec 1996