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Green House plants

Popular supplies

Potting soil

An all-purpose soil great for standard houseplants. Composed of all natural materials, it's made from peat moss, crushed volcanic rock, and earthworm castings. Nutrients plus water-holding features that will help your plants to flourish! Canada.

1 gal.: $2.25
5 gal.: $10.00

Washed gravel

Clean smooth riverbed gravel. Use when repotting to help drainage. Also helps increase humidity for moisture-loving plants. U.S.

1 qt.: $2.00
2 qt.: $3.00

Peat moss

A must for water retention. Good for terrariums and bog dwellers, including carnivores. Canada/U.S.

1 qt.: $4.25
4 qt.: $12.00

Houseplant fertilizer

All purpose for indoor and outdoor plants. Contains all essential nutrients, including trace elements. Concentrated. U.S.

4 oz.: $2.00
11 oz.: $4.00
24 oz.: $6.75

Cactus soil mix

Natural soil for desert plants. Helps prevent root rot due to soil saturation. U.S.

1 gal.: $2.75
5 gal.: $11.00

If you have questions about these or other supplies, feel free to contact us by phone (555-GROW) or email.