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I-2 Web Work Assignment:

Assignment: Go on Web and locate articles or sample scripts for Web page features using DHTML.
Pick two DHTML formatting features that you think would be useful in a home site that would provide
information to a wide range of people. The fictitious company that we are doing the research for is
Sandhills Regional Public Transit.

I decided that the first thing for me to do was to check out a couple of local Public Transit Sites so
that I could get an idea of what riders needs were.

After looking over the sites above I decided that cross-browser code and drop down menus would be
the most useful additions.

Cross-Browser Code.

Even though the visitor would never see it, for it lies behind the scene. Adding cross-browser code to
the site ensures that everyone, no matter what program they are using, would be able to access and
use the site.

A Drop Down Menus

Drop-down menus offer the best of two worlds. One they show that the Transit system is keeping up with
the latest tech. Second, and most important, it allows the designer to put a lot more 'needed' information onto
the page without the site looking unprofessional.