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Creating Personal Web Pages

If you're building your first web site, make sure you have the right tools
to get the job done. Below are a few resources to help you get started.

Budget tools
If you can't afford the high-end editing tools, try these inexpensive alternatives.

Paint Shop Pro 6.0
This program might be one of the easiest and most powerful you'll ever use for viewing, editing, and converting images.

TextPad is a full-featured text editor offering a spelling checker, macros, and powerful formatting and file storage options. Features include color syntax highlighting, multiple workspaces, customizable toolbars, a dockable document selector, and an alternative tabbed document selector. Version 4.1 fixed bugs, improved Windows NT support, added hot keys, and more. Now, version 4.2x has added support for Unicode and UTF-8 files, a wizard for creating document classes, new tool parameter macros, and more.

WS_FTP LE (limited edition) is a standard FTP client for Winsock. It has an easy-to-use graphical interface and advanced features. It contains profiles that can be set up to toggle between commonly visited FTP sites. Newer features included corrections to FTP servers for year 2000 compliance; a default transfer mode option in session parameters; auto re-get; prompts for file overwrites and preserving file date and time; support for new firewall and host types; and other minor corrections. This version is available free to government employees, noncommercial home users, and students and staff of educational institutions. Corporate users or those who do not qualify for free use of WS_FTP LE must use WS_FTP Pro.

Beginner resources
Here are a few sites that are good references.

Robin Wood's "Putertutor"
A great references site for HTML and Paint Shop Pro beginners or advanced.

HTML Station
Get HTML savvy with complete references for HTML 3.2 and 4.0, plus demonstrations and advanced topics.

The Mining Company: HTML
This HTML expert strikes it rich with this extensive list of HTML resources and references.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library
A veritable encyclopedia of Web technology, with articles and resources on HTML, graphics, design, and much more.

Project Cool
This site's developer zone, replete with reference material and quick guides, definitely lives up to its name.

Take a crash course in design, authoring, e-business, and more. In Webmonkey.

Web Diner
Featuring Web Adventure, an Indiana Jones-style HTML tutorial.

Web Pages That Suck
Learn good design by looking at bad design--what not to do when creating your first Web site.

Professional tools
If you can afford the high-end editing tools, try these.

Microsoft FrontPage 2000
FrontPage costs a pretty penny, but its ease-of-use and compatibility with other Office products make it well worth the expense.

Adobe GoLive
Adobe® GoLive™ is the tool of choice for Web professionals, offering both coders and designers the content-creation and site-management tools they need to develop, collaborate, and compete on today's accelerated playing field.

Dreamweaver 3
Dreamweaver is the solution for professional Web site design and production. Develop ground-breaking sites, automate production, and enhance team efficiency. Control your code with Roundtrip HTML and the revolutionary Quick Tag Editor. Accelerate workflow through integration with Web applications, Microsoft Office, and leading e-commerce and application servers. Only Dreamweaver can be customized using HTML, JavaScript, and XML, giving you the power you need for rapid Web development. With Dreamweaver, you'll build better Web sites faster.

Adobe Photoshop 5.0
Photoshop is the first integrated toolset for taking your images from concept to completion in print and on the Web, maximizing your efficiency while helping you achieve the finest-quality output in both media.

Adobe Illustrator 9.0
Adobe Illustrator expands your creative freedom and enhances your productivity with its new Web graphics tools, versatile transparency capabilities, powerful object and layer effects, and other innovative features. Now you can use these fast, flexible tools to transform your creative ideas into sophisticated graphics for use on the Web, in print, or in dynamic media projects.