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WOOF TV9 produces and acquires programs that entertain and inform the
people of Northern California, broadcasting the best of what is available
from PBS and other program distributors around the world. WOOF also produces
its own unique programs and collaborates with filmmakers and documentary
producers. WOOF TV9 is consistently the most-watched public television
station in the nation, reaching approximately 5.2 million viewers each

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TimeShow TitleShow type
9:00 PM American Experience (Repeat)Documentary
11:00 PMThey Drew Fire (TV-PG)Documentary
Tues 30      Channel 9      WOOF
TimeShow TitleShow type
12:00 AMCharlie RoseDiscussion
1:00 AMGreat Decisions 2000Discussion
1:30 AMSmall Business 2000Business
6:00 AMSit and Be FitExercise
6:30 AMMister Rogers' Neighborhood (TV-Y)Children
7:00 AMBarney & Friends (TV-Y)Children
7:30 AMBetween the Lions
8:00 AMBig Comfy Couch (TV-Y)Children
8:30 AMSesame Street (TV-Y)Children
9:30 AM Teletubbies (TV-Y)Children
10:00 AMReading Rainbow (TV-Y)Children
10:30 AMNewton's Apple (TV-G)Science
11:00 AMIt FiguresMathematics
11:15 AMIt FiguresMathematics
11:30 AMIt FiguresMathematics
11:45 AMIt FiguresMathematics
12:00 PMCharlie RoseDiscussion
1:00 PMLidia's Italian Table (TV-G)Cooking