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Humane Society On-Line!

Adopt one of our precious pets!

The Hometown Humane Society saves thousands of pets each year!
Think of how good you'll feel knowing you've saved a sweet animal from destruction.
We have a variety of pets from which to choose!

Precious Pets

Available animals:
DogRottweilder5 yearsJack Deth120 lbsBlk/TanProtective
CatCalico6 monthsStickers4 LbsBlk/Tan/OrngMischievous
FerretBlack Footed2 yearsBandit lbGry/BlkSneaky
RabbitFlop Eared4 monthsBugs22 lbsChocolateFunny
LizardIguana1 yearCharlie1 ft 6 inchesLt. GreenJoe Cool
PigPot Belly2 yearsSnort60 lbsBlackGreedy

Contact Us Directly

Find out more about what we have to offer. Contact our office at