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Welcome to our Board of Realtors Home page.

Instead of having to drive around and look for "For Sale" signs, why not "drive around" our Web site instead? We can help you find a place you can call "home".
House: 23 Kingsford Court, Pittsburg
3 bdrms, 2 bth, 1 car garage
House: 2843 Golf Course Road, Antioch
6 bdrms, 4 bth, 4 car garage, w/swimming pool
Condo: 1800 Splains Way, Oakley
2 bdrms, 1 bth, 1 car

Look at homes in these neighborhoods:

Is a nice quiet community just off Hwy 4.
Is further up Hwy 4 and is a little nicer than Pittsburgh and is growing much more rapidly.
Further still up HWY 4.

Check out these listings!!!

Check out The Hospital Area, The Waterfront Area, and Lakeview Estates