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To obtain a position that would allow me personal and professional growth.
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      • JavaScript
      • DHTML
      • CSS

• Dreamweaver
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• Some basic computer maintenance skills
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• Illustrator 9
• Java
• C++
• Unix
Substitute Instructional Assistant, Pleasant Hill, CA
Contra Costa County Office of Education
December 2000 - Present
  ♦ Assist with instruction in basic computer use, computer applications,
  ♦ and Web page design to multi-national/cultural adult students with diverse ability levels
  ♦ Attendance/record keeping/phones

Private Tutor/Computer Concepts, Pleasant Hill, CA April 2000 - Present
  ♦ Assist learning disabled student in basic computer use, email, and data entry
  ♦ Develop customized learning tools and curriculum
  ♦ Report progress to family and agency personnel

CopyMax, Division of OfficeMax, Union City, CA
CopyMax Supervisor
April 1999 - May 1999
  ♦ Handled customer inquiries and complaints in a courteous and professional manner
  ♦ Demonstrated teamwork, professionalism, and achieved high levels of productivity
  ♦ Handled multiple projects, tasks and met deadlines
  ♦ Operated MAC and PC systems relevant to all aspects of CopyMax operation
  ♦ Contributed to staff development through training, communication, recognition and support
  ♦ Achieved performance goals set by Store Manager
  ♦ Managed high-volume copying/printing and ancillary service production (binding/finishing, etc)
  ♦ Supervised in-store merchandise assortment

San Francisco Sheriff's Department, San Francisco, CA
Deputy Sheriff
October 1987 - December 1998
  ♦ Performed the duties pertaining to the job of a Law Enforcement Officer.

Regional Occupational Program,
Lafayette, CA
Regional Occupational Program,
Pleasant Hill, CA
Regional Occupational Program,
Pleasant Hill, CA
San Francisco Police Academy,
San Francisco, CA
  Photoshop 6, GoLive, ImageReady

  Computer Applications

  Web Page Design

  P. O. S. T.
September 2001 - Present

February 2001 - May 2001

May 2000 - February 2001

December 1989
Regional Occupational Program,
Pleasant Hill, CA
  Student Volunteer

September 2000 - May 2001

Note: The different look of each page in the site is intentional.
Here I pared this beautiful paper background with the Papyrus font, which I modified in a graphics program. I offer a more traditional resume, at the top, that the reader can download in Word format. Again the colors of the font and that in the GIFs are chosen from the background image.

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