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Rashad Williams

[a picture of Rashad] When 15 year old Rashad Williams saw the news reports of the Columbine tragedy in Littleton, Colorado on the TV in his high school's counseling office, he didn't think much of it. That was until he returned home and saw the News footage and reports about Lance Kirklin - a sophomore shot in the legs, chest, and face.

Rashad an athlete, who attends and runs track at Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco, could not help but identify with the young victim when he heard that the young Colorado teen may not ever be able to walk again do to the severity of the leg injuries he received in the school shooting. Rashad said, "I just related the situation to myself and thought 'what if I wasn't able to run again?'"

Rashad felt that he had to do something. With no job, and no cash of his own, and after a discussion with his mom, Sheila Burton - Harrison. Rashad decided to raise money for Lance by running in San Francisco's largest charity race, The Bay to Breakers. He thought he could raise at least a couple hundred dollars in donations for Lance, but ended up raising more than $40,000 as people sent in letters and donations to help out.

Since Rashad went to Colorado to give Lance the money they have remained good friends. Rashad and Lance stay in touch by e-mail and telephone and have seen each other several times in the last year. The money Rashad raised will help pay for Lance's medical bills which add up to more than a million dollars. Lance is still undergoing reconstructive surgery, but he's in much better shape now. He can walk fine, and can even run if he wants to - although not very fast.

Rashad has become a bit of a local hero in San Francisco and the rest of the U. S. because of what he's done for Lance. He has received several awards and honors since going to Colorado.

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